Corporate hair & Beauty

Provide large head offices with on site beauty therapy and hairdressing facilities. We provide this to companies with 800 to our largest site which has 5000 on site employees.

Free facility to the organisation

We offer beauty therapy initially on a weekly basis to establish your business requirements. All we need to provide this service would be a small private room with a lockable door, lighting and a power supply. Corporate beauty fully fund all set up and running costs. Payment for treatments is from employees on completion of treatment, we also use a state of the art online booking and payment system.



This treatment involves the reconditioning of the clients natural nail by pushing back the cuticles, filing the nails to give an even and balanced appearance.

Full Body Massage

With a full body massage we pay special attention to all main areas of the body; concentrating on your back, neck & shoulders, legs, arms and finishing with a scalp massage.

Full Leg Wax

This treatment involves the hair removal from your foot up to your bikini line. A pre-wax lotion is used to cleanse the area and then a natural honey wax is applied which is quickly removed using a fabric strip.

Back Massage

This treatment can be tailored to individual needs, for example if you require more time on your back this will be determined during your consultation with the Corporate Beauty therapist and we would adjust the time spent on areras requiring less attention.

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