Corporate Beauty use only the finest natural honey wax that is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skins will not react adversely. This ensures that we minimise skin irritation from waxing and a pre wax lotion is applied after every waxing treatment which assits in the cooling of the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth.

Go on treat yourself!

This treatment involves the hair removal of the bikini area. The area needs to be trimmed prior to appointment to around 1cm by the client. The area is cleansed and a small amount of wax is applied in small sections and removed with fabric strips. After the waxing treatment a cooling cream is applied and in depth after care advice is given.

  • This treatment lasts for 30 minutes.

Treatments are available for men and women, young and old, from the Chief Executive Officer to the one day a week part time employee; everyone who uses the well being facility will feel the benefit.