All Massages by Corporate Beauty use aromatherapy oils to aid relaxation & emphasise relief, we also use special blends to uplift and invigorate for a tailor made massage for your needs depending on you individual requirements.

A Corporate Beauty Massage is a fantastic way to combat stress, back pain and relieve tension.

Go on treat yourself!

With a full body massage we pay special attention to all main areas of the body; concentrating on your back, neck & shoulders, legs, arms and finishing with a scalp massage. This treatment can be tailored to individual needs, for example if you require more time on your back this will be determined during your consultation with the Corporate Beauty therapist and we would adjust the time spent on areras requiring less attention.
Regular massage on your legs aids the reduction of cellulite as it breaks down the cellulite and drains the toxins which have built up over time in your body.

  • This treatment lasts for 55 minutes.

Treatments are available for men and women, young and old, from the Chief Executive Officer to the one day a week part time employee; everyone who uses the well being facility will feel the benefit.